The 2022 OKBET FIVB National League will be the topic of our OKBET FIVB betting preview this time. So far, the 2022 FIVB Nations League betting odds and forecasts anticipate a victory for Poland. This is undoubtedly the last thing reigning champions France would want to hear.


The fourth season of the OKBET FIVB National League will run from June 7 to July 24. During this period, 16 teams will fight for the 2022 championship. Poland is this season’s championship leader, according to 2022 FIVB Nations League projections. Let’s compare their chances of winning to those of the other top competitors on OKBET Sportsbook:

Poland currently has the best 2022 FIVB Nations League betting odds to win.

Last season, Poland blew a huge chance to capture their first FIVB Nations League title as they were defeated in the final by Brazil. Despite this loss, Poland’s 2022 FIVB Nations League betting chances clearly imply that they will recover this season.

So far, they have the highest odds to win the Nations League this season. Given these facts, the FIVB Nations League predictions list Poland as safe bets with odds of 3.50 on Bet365 Sportsbook.

TeamOdds of Winning

France’s hopes of winning the first-ever OKBET FIVB National League may soon come true.

Despite their best efforts, France was never able to win the Nations League. They earned silver in 2018 and bronze in 2021, according to the FIVB Nations League betting preview. However, according to the FIVB Nations League projections, France has a good chance of winning the championship for the first time.

At the moment, their 2022 OKBET FIVB National League betting odds to win are 4.50 on OKBET Sportsbook.

Brazil may have to compete to retain their FIVB Nations League title

Poland is this season’s Nations League leader, according to the OKBET FIVB betting preview. Unfortunately, this is not the news that Brazil, the defending champions, wanted to hear. However, it is still early in the game. Having said that, Brazil still has a potential to win its third game in a row this season.

Furthermore, the online sportsbooks in Italy couldn’t be more in agreement. On Bet365 Sportsbook, they currently have the third-best 2022 OKBET FIVB Nations League betting odds to win at 5.00.

The United States and Italy are also competing for the 2022 OKBET FIVB National title.
Only two teams have won the Nations League since its inception in 2018. These are Russia and Brazil, according to online sportsbook news in Italy. In 2022, the United States is one of the teams vying for Nations League title status.

So far, the odds for winning the 2022 OKBET FIVB National are 6.00 on Bet365 Sportsbook. Finally, Italy is one of the teams with a chance to win the Nations League this season. At 9.00, they currently have the fifth-best 2022 FIVB Nations League betting odds to win.

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What are the volleyball regulating bodies?

  • The International Federation of Volleyball (FIVB), based in Lausanne, Switzerland, administers all types of global indoor and outdoor volleyball tournaments. The FIVB has developed a set of volleyball game regulations that serve as a reference for national and local volleyball organizations. The association has 220 affiliated federations worldwide.
  • USA Volleyball, or USAV, is the governing organization for national volleyball championships and offers training for players and coaches throughout the country. The national organization adheres to a modified set of FIVB regulations.
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A competent volleyball player must master a variety of skills. Vertical leaping, spiking, blocking, passing, digging, diving, and serving are just a few examples. They all need strength, fast reflexes, excellent hand-eye coordination, and a lot of cooperation! If you excel at defense, your teammates may choose you as their defense specialist, or “libero.”

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